How Can I Make A Remote Control Car?

How Can I Make A Remote Control Car?

There are plenty of ways to make a remote control car, but these two methods, in particular, are the best for beginners. The first method is creating a simple propeller remote control car that is easy to put together and can accommodate changes in materials. The second method is making an RC car using parts from your favorite Lego set.


Method 1: Simple Propeller Remote Control Car


To make a simple propeller RC car, you need an empty soda bottle, straws, masking tape, a paper clip or wire, and a motor from your favorite toy. Here’s how to put everything together: 


Cut the straws (It would be best if the straw is as wide as the soda bottle.) into long sections. You’ll need about 6 to 7 inches per section. Stack the straw pieces vertically around the soda bottle. There should be 1/4 inch between each piece of straw. Tape down one end of the paper clip or wire and attach it to the other end of the soda bottle. This will serve as your touch-sensitive controller. Attach the propeller to the paper clip or wire. You can see that I added a little tape to the straw to make it more secure.

For this method, the soda bottle should be filled with water and topped off with ice (or kosher salt) so that it floats. The idea is that you’ll get a lot of distance from your remote control car by bumping into objects in your path. Since the bottle’s bottom end is hollow, you can make alterations to where your car hits objects and where it rolls over. You want this RC vehicle to be more agile than other RC vehicles so that you have better control over it and so that it moves at a good speed.

The controller should be attached to the end of the car opposite the propeller. Whenever you bump into something, the soda bottle will spin in that direction and send the propeller spinning. The farther from your car that you place your controller, the faster it will go.

At first, your simple propeller remote control car may not work very well, but as you test it out and modify your soda bottle design with more tape, straws, or ice cubes, it will get better and better!

Again, this method is for beginners because it is really easy and because all of the materials are really cheap.


Method 2 – RC Car using Lego Parts


You’ll need about 20 or 30 Lego pieces to make a remote control car with a propeller. You can use any color you’d like for your engine and chassis. Here’s what you’ll need:

This is the propeller. To make the propeller vehicle operate, you need to attach a battery pack to the end of the car and a switch to its top. The battery pack fits nicely in the car’s engine compartment. It can be made from an old 9V battery or rechargeable 9V battery such as those used for flashlights and digital cameras. Make sure the battery is very flat and has no acid for water to corrode! If it’s a rechargeable battery, make sure its battery pack is charged prior to using it.

To attach a switch to the top of the car, cut off any plastic that is attached to the switch. You may also need to cut away some plastic on either side of it as well.

At the end of each piece’s axle, you can insert a sliver of wire so that they look like this:

Then, place each piece on top of an empty Lego piece. Then connect them with wires that fit snugly into their axles:

Here’s what your working area looks like when you’re done.

Now, if you’ve built this propeller car correctly, it should start moving.

The ignition switch should be operated by a car’s turn signal and/or hazard lights. You can make the turn signal and hazard lights with an LED on a long wire or by using an actual turn signal post of two small Lego pieces.

Now you can use the propeller to fly your remote control car around the room! It will really be fun to watch it spin around as it races around like a helicopter!


These are the two methods that you can use to make a remote control car. There are so many people out there wondering if making one is a difficult task. Well, let us have a look at the same. 


Is it difficult to make a remote control car? 


As long as you can build something that rolls, it is pretty simple to add a remote control. 

As with most things in life, the first one is the hardest one to make, so if you get your first project working and can make it through a weekend of adding features you will be able to create almost anything. 

And if you are interested in learning about how to control motors with microcontrollers (a more advanced topic) check out more on the Remote Control Car Blog and get the updated information on the same. 


As a final note:

There are many ways of doing all of these projects. Try not to be too frustrated if you can’t get yours exactly like the one you thought or imagined. Also, try not to get upset if your design works for a little while and then starts acting up. Sometimes this happens when you have small pieces moving around at high speeds.

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