Beautifull Sherlock Holmes Decorating Ideas

Get the Sherlock Look! I don’t know about you but I love the interior design style of the Sherlock Holmes movie set and the Sherlock TV series set. They have such a cool laid back vibe which makes this an easy look to achieve if you would like a bit of 221B Baker Street style in your life.

If you like this style and would like to try it you have to think cosy, dark and a bit eclectic like these rooms below. You can use elements from each of these images in your room scheme. A dark colour on the walls, such as Crown City life or Film Noir or a patterned wallpaper perhaps, such as the one used on the set of the BBC series which is shown below and is available from Zoffany would be a great start.

Sherlock Holmes Decorating Ideas

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You could use carpet or wood flooring with layers of rugs, you could try oriental or animal hide style. A cosy grouping of chairs and small tables next to a fireside or bookshelf crammed with books. Books are a very important element for this style. A desk would also be a great addition if you wanted to use the room as an office or study also.

sherlock holmes living room design ideas

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sherlock holmes furniture ideas

sherlock holmes furniture ideasThe great thing about this look is that nothing has to be new, in fact old and battered or vintage is exactly what we are looking for. An old wing back chair or worn leather club chair with vintage tables and a desk in dark wood would look great with this style of room. If you really want to push the boat out you could source Sherlock’s chair from the BBC series which is the LC3 chair Grand Confort Le Corbusier 1959.

Sherlock Holmes sofa Decorating Ideas

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Once you get the walls, flooring and furniture you can then think of accessories. Sherlock usually has pieces around him which say something about him…….that he is interested in the human mind or body, the world and that he is well travelled and cultured. Think vintage wall charts like this one or antlers similar to the ones in the pictures above. If you are coveting the Skull print as seen in the BBC Sherlock series then you are in luck as it is currently available from RedBubble.

sherlock holmes furniture

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sherlock holmes decorating style

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sherlock wallpaper pattern

sherlock wallpaper pattern

This phrenology bust would be perfect in a Sherlock

Scheme or try other medical or psychology related items which you think Sherlock may have used. Vintage maps framed on the wall and artefacts from your travels would also look good with this style of room. Check out my other post on vintage wall charts for inspiration.

sherlock holmes house decoration

sherlock holmes house decoration, By Jordan 1972 [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

sherlock holmes living room ideas

sherlock holmes living room ideas, image:

What you don’t want with this look is to make it look too themed, think subtle and dark and a bit worn with a few key pieces for an informal but eclectic room style. Now sit back and relax!