Vintage Movie Posters as Interior Design Pieces

How a Movie Poster Display can Enhance your Room. A vintage movie poster or collection can add interest to an interior design and make a home unique. There is such a wide variety of movie posters with amazing graphics that there is bound to be something that would suit your interior space. A lot of people use movie posters to decorate media rooms but I think they can add style to any room in the house.

Everyone recognises some of the great posters like Vertigo, Attack of the 20 foot Woman or Casablanca and who wouldn’t want one of these fantastic pieces of movie history displayed in their home?

vintage lolita poster

vintage lolita poster,

This Lolita one-sheet poster makes a huge visual statement in this room and to me it makes what is already a lovely space into something truly special. I imagine it prompts quite a few comments from guests to this home.

Vintage Movie Posters as Interior Design Pieces Fresh Dial M for Murder 1954 original French Movie Poster original

Vintage Movie Posters as Interior Design Pieces-

Vintage Movie Posters as Interior Design Pieces Inspirational Retro Poster Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock

Vintage Movie Posters as Interior Design Pieces-The Hitchcock movie posters above are on my wish list, Hitchcock movie posters have some of the best artwork in my opinion. Displaying posters of a similar type, as they have done here, gives the display greater impact. These next posters are in my home as collecting vintage movie posters is a bit of a hobby of mine. They have moved locations many times but no matter where I put them they always change the look of each space and even though the posters themselves are mainly vintage they create a modern look.

If you would like a vintage movie poster to display in your home there are many options – you can go direct to a movie poster dealer of which there are many but I have added links to a few options below. You could also chance your luck at an online auction like Ebay where it is possible to find yourself a bargain, but always check out the customer feedback, or you can look in second hand stores or car boot sales and see if you get lucky.

Posters like Vertigo and Casablanca are hard to find and very expensive especially the U.S versions, however, it is often possible to pickup versions released abroad or later re-releases for a fraction of the cost. The best movie posters are from movies you love and also have a poster you admire, which might not actually cost very much as not all movie posters demand such high prices. There are also other less expensive options than original posters like this great display of reproduction still’s from movies which are arranged to great effect.

vintage movie posted interior design

vintage movie posted interior design,

Or look at these fantastic large prints displayed in the lobby of this hotel.

interior design pieces with vintage movie poster

interior design pieces with vintage movie poster,

For more vintage style take a look at my Mad Men inspired post. Happy hunting and I hope you find something you love!